If working out could feel like a Friday or Saturday night dance party with friends wouldn’t you sign up for that?

Danz Insanity has been described as just that by thousands of people that want to get in shape and stay in shape but dread the hard stuff at the gym. So why doesn’t everyone in the world do it?

“I’m not coordinated enough”, “I’ll look way too awkward”,  “It’s too hard to follow”  “I didn’t get a good workout in cardio dance classes in the past”.  Sound familiar?  The Learn It Danz It system solves it all!  The key to having a great cardio dance class is having synergy between athleticism and dance studio movement.

Danz Insanity’s Learn It Videos break up the choreography into easy to learn step sequences that, when combined, look like a professionally choreographed routine. Your moves will look like a backup dancer for “you know who”!

Performance time!

Our Danz It videos allow you to dance along and workout with Jenn and her friends in the comforts of your own home or get you ready and prepped for a “GO HARD” class of your life at a live local Danz Insanity class in your area. The Danz It videos are with the music at live speed to get you used to how it’s going to look and feel live.  Each routine in our video library comes fully stocked with a Learn It and Danz It Video for every song and is updated monthly with multiple, new choreographed routines.