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Randy Dewayne Galloway (RdG) is an American musician, recording artist, music producer, song writer, and entrepreneur from Daytona Beach, Florida. As a solo artist he goes by the name of RdG. Music has always been his passion. He began playing drums in church when he was 5 years old following suite after his grandfather a professional drummer who has been playing over 50 years. Randy credits his grandfather for his inspiration. Randy also plays the saxophone and eventually became a part of the Daytona Beach Youth Orchestra during high school. During the summer of 2001 he traveled to Italy getting his first taste of being featured on television and news articles throughout Italy and Central Florida. He now spends most of his time writing, composing, producing, attending music conferences & recording. With such a diverse background in music, sheer determination & strong work ethic it’s just a matter of time before this artist becomes a major deal.

All Mine
Beleza Do Caribe
Breathing Fire
Bring It All Day
Bring It Back
City Lights
Dayum Gurl
Do What You Want
Hands Up
I Feel You
I Wanna Know
Keep The Drinks Coming
Ladies & Gentlemen
Listen To My Heartbeat - Spencer
Listen To My Heartbeat
Live Your Life - RDG
Live Your Life
Make the Night
Mi Habana
Mixed Messages - Javeon Music
Mixed Messages
My Own Idol
Number One Hit
Party Girl
Say Something
Shake That
She Don’t Rock with You
Skin Tights
Sky High
Summer or Winter
Summer Love
Take Me With You
The Party Song
Too Much Attitude
Trip Naughty
Young Again
Wake Up To You
Want Me To
Wild One
Ya Make Me Wanna
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Zoom Zoom