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Danz Insanity has developed a cardio dance fitness format that combines original choreography, fully licensed music from up and coming music artists and other intellectual property owned by Danz Insanity (together, the “Danz Insanity Content”) to form the Danz Insanity video library.  Danz Insanity provides the Danz Insanity Content through live classes lead by certified Danz Insanity instructors, in video format on the Danz Insanity website and ap, and through live streaming.

  1. Waiver and Release

Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury, we urge you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise activity. You agree that by participating in physical exercise or training activities offered in connection with the Danz Insanity Content, you do so entirely at your own risk. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death.

You acknowledge that you have carefully read this agreement and fully understand that it is a release of liability. You expressly agree to release and discharge Danz Insanity, LLC and its trainers, instructors, members, managers, owners, officers, employees, contractors, agents, and affiliates (“Danz Insanity”) from any and all claims or causes of action, and you agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that you may otherwise have to bring a legal action against Danz Insanity for personal injury or property damage.

To the extent that statute or case law does not prohibit releases for negligence, this release is also for negligence.

If any portion of this release from liability shall be deemed by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then the remainder of this release from liability shall remain in full force and effect and the offending provision or provisions severed here from.

  1. Intellectual Property


You acknowledge and agree that the Danz Insanity Content is protected by copyright, trademark, and/or trade secret law, or laws governing other proprietary rights, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, media and technologies existing now or hereafter developed.  You agree never to challenge or contest, or assist any third party in challenging or contesting, Danz Insanity’s ownership of the Danz Insanity Content or the validity of Danz Insanity’s copyright, trademark, trade secret, and/or other intellectual property rights in and to the Danz Insanity Content and any derivative works of the Danz Insanity Content. You further agree you will never assert or claim any ownership rights in and to any of the Danz Insanity Content.

Subject to your compliance with this Agreement, you may access the Danz Insanity Content for your personal, non-commercial use only.  You agree that you will not copy, modify, or distribute any of the Danz Insanity Content, or use the Danz Insanity Content for any reason other than your personal, non-commercial use.  Without limiting the foregoing, you expressly agree and acknowledge that you will not take the following actions with respect to the Danz Insanity Content: copying the choreography in the Danz Insanity Content or creating derivations thereof and claiming it as your own or claiming that it originates from anywhere other than Danz Insanity; recording any Danz Insanity Content and distributing such recordings to others; and using excerpts from the Danz Insanity Content and incorporating it into other content.


The Danz Insanity name, marks, logos and other of the Danz Insanity Content are the exclusive property of Danz Insanity, LLC, whether registered or unregistered, and may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not ours, or in any manner that is likely to cause confusion as to our endorsement, affiliation or sponsorship of any person, product or service.


  1. Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your Danz Insanity membership at any time.  Cancellation is effective immediately, and there are no partial refunds.  You may cancel from your member page on the Danz Insanity website.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” thickness=”0″ up=”59″ down=”0″][/vc_column][/vc_row]