What is Danz Insanity?

Danz Insanity® is a FUN, NEVER BORING exercise program that uses DANZES which are FUN, EASY TO FOLLOW routines to specific songs that makes you the center of the DANZ party!

It’s FUN exercise that gets it DONE!! Do it for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes in one of our many online classes . . . whatever level you want and however much time your schedule allows. Our easy to follow DANZ choreography repeats multiple times in each song giving you the confidence and knowledge to execute the movement.

Even if you still aren’t sure you can follow this kind of movement, NO PROBLEM!! Each DANZ in our video library comes with a LEARN IT video where Danz Insanity creator Jenn Schofield, slowly breaks down each movement phrase showing and teaching you just how easy it is to learn.

So . . . here is how our choreography team breaks down what kind of DANZES they have created for you that you will have access to via our video library and online classes being a Danz Insanity® member . . .

Danz Athletics DANZES

  • Movements are athletic based with FUN sprinkled in

  • Tempo of music is higher paced

  • Lower body, upper body and core work for a FULL BODY

  • Will get your heart rate up quickly *modify for you body when necessary

  • Some plyometric movement incorporated to increase strength


  • Lower body strength focused

  • Songs with slower tempos

  • Moderate hip action and core/ abdominal movement

Latin Rhythm DANZES

  • Full body rotation

  • Moderate to high level of hip, core and overall torso movement

  • Ball of the foot stance

  • Songs with slower tempos

  • Movement vocabulary based: Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata, and Mambo rhythms

Arms and Abdominal DANZES

  • Abdominal strengthening exercises

  • Back strengthening exercises

  • Arm muscle strengthening- Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps,