Danz Insanity™ has been called the <strong>“Gateway Drug”</strong> to fitness. Why? Because it’s truly exercise in disguise.

You look hot dancing it. You feel confident doing it and <strong>EVERYONE</strong> can follow it! It’s a cardio intense workout disguised in quality dance studio movement while still being easy to follow. Danz Insanity is a hot, fiery cardio dance format that takes you on a journey for an hour and allows you to become your inner dancing <strong>STAR</strong>!

<strong>Danz Insanity<sup>™</sup></strong> is easy to follow and looks incredible on everyone who does it. This cardio intensive workout is comprised of 3 main types of cardio dance styles.

<strong>Latin Rhythms</strong>, <strong>Hip Hop</strong> and <strong>Dance Athletics</strong> built in a proprietary system allows you to get a cardio workout like no other while feeling like you grew up dancing in a studio. Danz Insanity<sup>™</sup> will get your heart rate up to burn calories, burn fat and build long, lean, sculpted muscles.

It is a complete <strong>FULL</strong> body workout with no equipment needed – just a <strong>READY</strong> to <strong>DANCE</strong> kick ass attitude!

Our <span style=”color: #b3365b;”><strong>Learn It Danz It</strong></span><sup>™</sup> system combines a Learn It step by step instruction video taught by 8 count with all sorts of tips and tricks to get the most out of your movement.

A Danz It video, a full routine performance, will also accompany each song allowing you to practice and dance along at home with Jenn and her friends.