What is Danz Insanity

It’s an “Exercise In Disguise” cardio dance fitness format that transforms everyone into their hot, sexy, strong Danz selves both physically and mentally. Danz Insanity is for the person that is moved by hot, popular music and wants to jam but doesn’t always . . .

Why is that?

Either because prior attempts in a dance fitness class did not bring that intense calorie burn workout or it was just too difficult to follow which equaled a subpar workout. Danz Insanity solves both of these problems making working out fun, sexy, hot and more powerful than its ever been!

Danz Insanity combines 3 main styles of Danz: Hip Hop, Latin Rhythms and Dance Athletics but is unique in the that you get all the “choreography cliff notes” as part of the Learn It/Danz It catalogue. The Learn It/Danz It catalogue has a Learn It and a Danz It video for each and every song allowing you to learn the Danz step by step then to practice in real speed with Jenn and her friends online at your convenience. Danz Insanity certified instructors post their Danz Playlists on their Danz Insanity schedule 48 hours before every live class so you know which routines will be taught in which order for every class. This allows you to walk into a class already knowing the easy to follow Danz fitness routines which allows you to bring your inner fierce Danz self – which equals a “Go HARD” class!

Until now a fitness class participant has never had access to class choreography like an instructor making cardio dance fitness classes somewhat intimidating. No one wants to feel and look awkward but everyone would love to get a major workout in without feeling like its hard work!

This does it!!! Danz Insanity, Exercise in Disguise!!!